You feel like you can’t trust anyone and everyone is going against you?

You feel like the world’s against you. The people who you thought were your friends really aren’t and you’re confused about why you’re alive at this point. Yes, I know life is hard and people can be really mean, you know, you can always message us if you need to talk about it.

So, moving on. No matter how hard things get, always remember that people come and go and overtime, you’ll see who are the real friends that care for you deeply because they love and care about you and without any other motive.

Over the years, constantly, people have made things up about me and lied to turn everyone against me or accuse me of doing things I haven’t done, and yes it really hurts because I thought they were my friends and I trusted them, and it completely destroyed me because people believed them just because they got to people first and I had no idea about anything. I guess at this point I can thank them because they showed me who my real friends were and they made me stronger! Of course it would hurt a tonne, honestly there were so many nights I couldn’t sleep because I felt sick to my stomach and I couldn’t eat because I just constantly felt so sick and eventually, I got really sick from not looking after myself properly and to be honest, I should’ve known because my health has always been quite bad. At this point in time, I realise that they’re not worth me hurting myself for. If they didn’t like me as I am, then they’re free to go. I have better things to focus my energy on.

Therefore, I believe you’re strong enough to get through whatever you’re going through and I will support you all the way!! If people didn’t appreciate you as you are then it’s their loss because you lost someone who didn’t care about you, but they suffer more because they lost someone who really valued and cared about them, that’s why it hurts so much, but we will always stand by you!!


We Love You

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