A-Level Update and Enrolment!!

Hiiii, I hope you’re all well!! So I have decided to write a blog post about Sixth Form enrolment because I knew nothing about it before I enrolled a week ago and people need to know and understand these things so they weren’t clueless like me. There wasn’t much on the internet about it either so I want to change that.

Firstly I’m going to talk about my A-Level enrolment. I decided to go to a different school for Sixth Form so I was an external applicant. So they accept all their school pupils first and then they accept externals looking at how many places were left. So I was already 3 hours early there because it was first come first served basis and people already started queuing because that school was one of the top schools. There were 5 people in front of me so thankfully I wasn’t near the end because the line was soooooo long. When it was time for the externals to enrol, they said Psychology, Sociology, Biology was already full by their own students so then I panicked, because as you know I was planning to school English Literature, Psychology and Music. So my other options were Spanish, Photography or Textiles and people in front of me were going in and it was nearly my turn so I panicked and at the last minute, I chose Photography. But then I had to complete the Transition Homework that was meant for about 3 months, and I only have less than 2 weeks to do it so I’ve been very busy trying to rush through it and get it done.

Ok so with enrolment, it’s always the same day as results day. After you get your results from school you go to the sixth form you want and enrol with them. You go to your first choice so you don’t need to enrol with other schools that you have applied to if they accept you, the other schools will just automatically remove you from their list. Most of the time you need to bring ID and your results so they can make a copy of it.

If there are any additional questions you can ask and I’ll answer but I think I’ve covered the most important facts!!

Good luckkkk


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