Life as a Photography Student

Hiyaaaaaa, Welcome to the start of my series!! So it’s been about 3 weeks since school first started and I’m settling in quite well and I absolutely love A-Level Photography.

So, we’re currently doing a whole overview on photography, how to edit, how to take good photos and the teacher would set us tasks with a topic. So in class he would talk and explain a load of information then we go outside or stay in the studio and carry out the topics.

So for A-Level Photography, you would need to experiment a lot with taking photos and angles. I have decided to meet with a few friends this Friday to test out fashion photography. You need to spend a lot of time wondering around places and find the perfect opportunity to take your photographs because the greatest photos happen when you least expect it so it is quite time consuming but it’s so funnnnn!!

Oh also there’s a discount for AffinityPhoto, it’s an editing software and it’s only available for this week only for just Β£25! So if you’re looking for a great editing software nows your chance to get it!

With photography A-Level, it helps develop your eye and thinking skills, plus being a photographer is not a job you can retire from when you get old πŸ™‚

For me I have to learn and research about cameras and photographers outside of lessons and just take photos for fun. I would spend hours outside, then I come home and edit them!!

Tips for youuuu:

  • Learn the basic functions of a camera i.e. aperture, ISO, exposure.
  • Watch a lot of Youtube videos on editing software, lighting, angles
  • Take every opportunity to take photos. Some of the best photos are taken by accident.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the first part of this series!!

lots of love,


7 thoughts on “Life as a Photography Student

  1. Oh that sounds like such a fun course! Definitely looks helpful for something like media!! Great post!!

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  2. That sounds fun! Great post!

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  3. Wish you the bestπŸ‘


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