Life as a Music Student!!

Heyaaaaaa, it’s the last part of the series!! I’m very happy with this series because I’ve always loved to show people an insight of what it’s like studying a certain subject.

Soooo, music. As you all know by now, I absolutely love music and it’s my biggest passion. I invest so much time and effort into music. Within the next year or so I’m hoping to be able to pass my Grade 8 Piano exam.

It’s a lot like GCSE where we had to do compositions, theory test and performing. You get to choose to major in compositions, where you need to create 3 compositions, or you can choose to major in performing – which I’m doing, where you need to perform 3 pieces of music that showcases all the techniques possible to allow yourself to be able to get the highest marks you possibly can.

Personally, I hate composing. I find it so hard to do and getting the ideas in is so hard, especially trying to translate your ideas into music.

So some tips that I have for you is:

  • Study the appraising part of the course (theory) in your own time, even though you learn it in lessons. It’s better to be ahead.
  • If you have any ideas at any moment, record it, or play whatever you come up with in the composing software because you can always change and manipulate it later.
  • Spend some time working on techniques with your instrument daily. It doesn’t have to be long, just 5-10 minutes is enough
  • Just practice!!

I hope this has been a fun series for you all to read!!

Lots of love,

Good Luck


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