What It’s Like To Be a Muslim With a Christian Family

Hey guys!! Hope you’re all keeping well, so this post is a little different and is a little insight into my life and my family 🙂 I usually don’t see many people talking about subjects like this, and I thought you guys might find it interesting to know what it’s like 😊

First off some background information- I myself am muslim, I was born muslim just like my mom, however my dad was initially christian, but converted to islam before he met my mom. However this still meant his siblings ( my aunts and Uncles ) are Christian.

Personally I have no issues with this, and I love having such diversity within my family, as it gives me an open mind when coming across different religions, also christianity and islam are both abrahamic religions so follow similiar ideas and are not too different from each other. My family accept me as a muslim and i accept them as christians.- even when we go over they do things to make us feel more at home, for example when they know we are coming they cook halal meat, so that we can eat freely. and I love them for that 💕.

However having a family with a different religion can have it’s challenges for example on special occasiaons such as christmas. As a muslim I can’t celebrate such an ocassion, however my family still give me presents, hence I also give them some gifts in return, as a form of respect. Wheather this is right or wrong is a matter of opinion of intepretation, however they are my family and for me christmas is just a day of happiness and love. And i don’t need to believe in the religious aspect of it for me to just show respect and enjoy my time with my family. ❤

But to conclude having a family of a different religion is fun and amazing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. haha😊


12 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be a Muslim With a Christian Family

  1. Love this. It’s really nice to see how you all respect and accept each other, especially with the gift exchanges!

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    1. Awww thank you 🥺🤍 and yes respect is so important in situations like this 🙌🏼

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  2. Hi Sarah – glad you get along with your family. But exchanging gifts for Christmas without celebrating Jesus leaves you greatly short changed. Gift is the exact point of it and why though we share a common common call back to Abraham, saying that we share practices misses it entirely. Jesus gave His life as a gift with no expectation to be paid back. He did it because we cannot possibly live the life we would need to under the Law as we sin every day. He gives salvation freely because He is that good and loving not because we are good. It is a free certain gift of love – the point of Jesus – not cultural respect.

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    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment, sorry if what I said came across as wrong or was misinterpreted, but I do understand and respect what you have said. What me and my family practise isn’t common however throughout this post I just wanted to shed light on how people can co exist I hate when families are torn apart simply because of religious beliefs.

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      1. Sorry, I did not mean to seem offended and it is great you get along with your family.

        Just you noted that the faiths are not too different than one another while talking about Christmas and gift giving was ironic. Jesus and His free gift of salvation is what defines Christianity.

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      2. Ohh yeah I get what you mean, I’ll be more clear and careful next time ☺️

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  3. I love this! Religions shouldn’t get in the way of family and I love how your family respects each other’s religions! It’s so amazing! 🤩

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    1. Thank you !! And yes exactly 🙈 I’m greatful my family is the way that they are☺️

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  4. Lovely post! I like how you and your family still respect and enjoy each others company, it’s so sad when family is ripped apart because of religion.

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    1. Yes I’m super greatful that my family all accept each other, 🥺it hurts to see other families get ripped apart💔💔

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  5. I can relate to you here. My family from one of my parents’ side are christians too (sorry I had to keep it confidential hehe) though both my parents are muslims. There is a huge advantage here, as you mentioned. We learn from each other’s religious traditions. Plus, we get presents on Christmas too, it’s truly an advantage 😂 I’m glad I found someone I can relate too ❤️❤️

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  6. Omg no way 😂, I love that we’re alike in this way !!! I’ve never really met someone who also experienced it. Not going to lie getting Christmas presents is great ☺️😂🤍

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