Taking Quality Influencer Photos

Happy Wednesday guys!! I haven’t done a photography post in so long, so here it is!!

I’m going to start of with some easy equipment that you’d need for photos:

  • Fairy Light – this is an easy way to make your photos more interesting and removes all the negative space in your photos.
  • Tape – this one might sound weird but you can use your phone and tape it on the ceiling to take flat-lay photos, or you can tape it to your camera for a reflection from your phone. Or you needed to hold something up, whatever it is, tape is your quick fix.
  • Mirror – you need big mirrors, small mirrors, round mirrors, square mirrors… ALL MIRRORS!! They give a different perspective to the image and through editing, you could be very creative with it!!
  • Light source – this goes without saying, this is easier when you shoot outside because you get natural light from the sun, however, when you shoot indoors, you need an additional light source than just a light from the ceiling. If you are on a budget, a torch or a lamp will do the trick for you. If you want to replicate the soft lighting with soft boxes, I would recommend using tissue or a t-shirt to cover the light for that soft box effect.
  • Projector – this isn’t necessary, but since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and we should stay at home as much as possible, a projector could be a fun item that you can experiment with in your photos!!
  • Reflector – ok hear me out first. I am not telling you to buy a reflector, you can use a white pillow, a white piece of paper


Decide your light temperature – figure out if you want a warmer light temperature or a colder light temperature. This is easier if you have a light source because many lamps have a warmer light temperature, whereas a torch would have a colder light temperature. However, when you are shooting outside, it’s almost impossible to control the sun!! So you need to make sure you know what effect you want from the sun and then shoot at the specific time of day.

I hope this helps!!

Good luck and comment any questions you may have

Lots of Love


2 thoughts on “Taking Quality Influencer Photos

  1. I like this idea! The fairy light is a nice touch to great photos. Mirrors are always great for a nice reflection. I also love the natural light (without puting any effort it is just nice to take your pictures then) You have got some good tips here. Thank you!


    1. Awww thank you🥰😘 I’m glad you enjoyed it!!


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