Viv’s Glow-Up Diaries #3

Happy Wednesday guys!! I hope you are all well. Let me know in the comments what you are all up to an dhow you’re doing πŸ™‚

For today’s post, I’ve decided to talk about the stress with school and how that took a HUGE mental toll on my mental health and how to overcome it.

School started to have a huge effect on my mental health in the middle Yr 9 and it was really hard because that’s when we chose our GCSE options and when we started studying for them. It was all fun and games in school until we got so much homework that I didn’t know how to balance it all out. Then we had so many quizzes and exams which drove me insane because I could barely keep up with the workload that they gave us, let alone study for the quizzes and exams. That was the point when I started losing memory for day-to-day things and even now, my memory for day-to-day things is terrible. If you asked me what I ate in the morning, I will most definitely never not be able to answer. Throughout the last few years, I have to write down all my homework and all my notes, hence why I need to bullet journal, if you have been following our reels on Instagram, you’ll see my monthly spread. When Yr 10 started, it got even worse. I was so busy and I worked so hard every day, but I felt too drained and I didn’t even have time to do what I enjoyed and I felt like I was getting worse and worse. But when Yr 11 came, it was a shock to me that I gave up. I wasn’t bothered anymore with schoolwork and even for exams, I would just glance over my notes and take the exam. I felt like I was getting even worse than before. I would go out with my friends all the time and leave the house as much as possible. I think that was because of what was happening at home, it wasn’t too great so I would spend time out with my friends as much as possible. We did go to the library to study every Saturday, but I really felt like I was falling behind. I’m very easily guilt-tripped and I have friends who always ask me to help them and their studies, but no one knew that I was struggling and I was helping them, making myself struggle more. Back then I was really bad at saying no to people because I’d feel way too guilty and I was scared that I would offend them. I hated that about myself but I wouldn’t do anything about it because what can I do? Then the pandemic started, and I thought “yayyyy I can finally rest” and that’s what I did. My skin started to get better, it was glowing, and my health was a lot better and I ate better. I even drank a lot of water. However, towards the middle/end of lockdown, I started gaining weight around my stomach and not anywhere else, which I talked about in my last Glow-Up Diaries. However, throughout lockdown, I stopped studying and I lost a lot of motivation to do work. I did buy a Fashion Design course online which I haven’t completed yet, but that was about the most productive thing I’ve done during lockdown. I tried doing Chloe Ting but I’ve always managed to give up after 2 days 😦 Now I’m in Yr 12, and I’m struggling with studying because of lockdown and I’m still trying to work towards sitting at the desk for a longer period of time.

Some tips I can give you:

  1. Always have a bottle of water near you!! Keeping yourself hydrated is so important in studying for a longer period of time.
  2. Have a bullet journal or go to a stationary store and buy an academic diary.
  3. Write a schedule with times and try to stick to it!
  4. Wake up earlier on weekends. Wake up at 8-9 instead of 1pm. It gives you so much more time to do things
  5. Stop procrastinating!! I know it’s hard but just get on with it! Clean your desk, take away any distractions – people like taking time-lapses when they study and I have done it and it’s helped me stay off my phone! Do all you hardest tests first to avoid procrastination!

I hope this has helped!! Give advice in the comments so we can all help each other out!!

Good Luck,

Lots of Love


2 thoughts on “Viv’s Glow-Up Diaries #3

  1. Procrastination is a huge problem πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Great tips πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Definitely 😭I’m glad you found the tips useful ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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