My Hijab My Choice

My Hijab is my pride, my crown and it represents me as a person, it’s beautiful and it’s my choice. It is not my opressor it is part of me….

Growning up muslim isn’t easy, especially when you are a hijabi and the media keeps depicting it as something opressive and something that should be stripped away from us.

Im sure most of you have now heard what’s been going on in france and how they are planning to ban the hijab. Which i honestly find shocking and disrepectful towards muslims not to mention islamaphobic. Muslims in france should have the right to freely practise their religion, and dress in whichever way they please. It’s OUR body so it’s OUR choice!

Muslims are not terrorists, infact the word islam itself means peace, if you see any different, then that is now what islam stands for. There are always rotten apples in a family tree but that doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.

You should not feel threatened by a hijab, or niqab or any other form of religious clothing, it is simply a piece of material is used to preserve modesty, nothing more, nothing less.

What is the hijab and why do we wear it?

 it is a religious cloth/veil worn by women to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males. It provides us with a barrier and helps us to remain modest.

for me it is also a physical reminder of the way i choose to represent myself, and a reminder that i am connected to god.

Did my parents force me to wear it?

No my parents never forced me to wear it, i fell in love with the idea of wearing one from a young age and have been doing so ever since. If someone is forcing their child to wear one that is not part of our relgious practise, or something that is instructed in the quran, rather it is a cultural practise. It is often easy to mix religion and culture.

Ways to help

  • Educate yourself and others on whats’s happening in france
  • Help stand up for the people in france
  • Learn more about the hijab and islam
  • Sign petitons
  • reshare posts
  • Raise awareness!

This isn’t an issue we can solve by ourselves, we need your help and support even if you aren’t muslim. Nobody should be forced to take off essentially an item of clothing, it’s not right and it’s inhumane!


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