Day in my Life

Happy Wednesday beautiful people!! I hope that you all have had a pretty good day so far, I just came home from a massive haul at House of Fraser because all their high-end beauty products are 50% off!!! Yessssss. Anywhooo, this is a day in my life.

So I’m a full time student at a Sixth Form, doing A-Levels. I study Photography, English Literature and Music. Now, because of COVID, we can leave school when we don’t have any lessons, so my busiest days are Monday and Thursday, and I have no lessons on Tuesday. So I will talk about what a typical day looks like for me on my busiest days.

I wake up at 6, leave the house at 7:15, reach school at 8:20 and I would have a full day of lessons until 3:10 – ugh such a tiring day – not to mention I walk for most of the journey – I only sit on the train for 15 minutes 😦

I catch the train home and get home just before 4:30. I normally shower straight away because I just feel really dirty on school days. I start my work at 5, where I do all my homework, then have dinner around 6-7. I then practice piano until 8:30, then revise until 9:45. I get ready for bed and then read for about half an hour until 10:30 when I sleep.

So that’s my ideal day 🙂 but I mostly can’t keep to that, but on the days I do, it makes me incredibly happy.

On the less busy days, I would do Chloe Ting workouts, so Mondays and Thursdays are my rest days. If I have more time, I would play about 2h 30m of piano and do more studying on top of that hour I already do every day, and I would write blog posts between those times.

On weekends, I would normally take photos for the blog and for my schoolwork!!

Let me know what your typical day looks like 🙂

Lots of Love


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