Modern Day Slavery And How You Can Help

Modern Day Slavery is an issue that is constantly not discussed enough in society, and mainstream media. Issues like this are silenced whilst irrelevant things are constantly flooding the news. People like you and I, innocent flesh and blood are being stripped of their human right and sold .So how dare people have the audacity not to talk about such a overriding issue. But this is exactly why I decided to write this post. and I hope you all take the time to read it and learn something from it .


  • Sex Trafficking
  • Child Sex Trafficking
  • Forced Labour
  • Bonded Labour
  • Domestic Servitude
  • Forced Child Labour
  • Unlawful Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers

And there’s many more these are just a few, which is honestly shocking. And the mere idea that children are also being pulled from their innocence into this makes me sick. This is exactly why we need to do our part and help.

Slavery may seem like a relic of history. But according to the U.N.’s International Labor Organization (ILO), there are more than three times as many people in forced servitude today as were captured and sold during the 350-year span of the transatlantic slave trade. What the ILO calls “the new slavery” takes in 25 million people in debt bondage and 15 million in forced marriage. As an illicit industry, it is one of the world’s most lucrative, earning criminal networks $150 billion a year, just behind drug smuggling and weapons trafficking.

Extract from ‘Time’


  1. Call out the UN on social media platforms, by tagging them (they need to take a stronger stance when it comes to investigating)
  2. Support the IOM (international organisation for migration)
  3. Fight the root cause for slavery and trafficking (donate to organisations that help refugees)
  4. Hold social media companies accountable (smugglers have previously used platforms like Facebook live to broadcast videos of imprisoned migrants to send to the migrant’s families, as a way of extorting money. so message them to ban the use of their service for stuff like this.)
  5. Donate to global anti-slavery companies
  6. Help raise awareness

Share this blog post with as many friends and family members as you can, and let’s all educate more people on this matter. Don’t let this indecency go unnoticed.


2 thoughts on “Modern Day Slavery And How You Can Help

  1. I am so pleased you have spoken up about it, as I feel it is definitely an issue which isn’t spoken about anywhere near enough. It can often feel hard to know how and where to help, so thankyou for suggesting donating to refugee helping charities.

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    1. Np x 💕 we will make a difference!

      Liked by 2 people

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