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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a NEW DREAM


Hey i don’t know about you but being a teenager is quite difficult . well thats why we’re here ! we have sections thats suit everyone’s interests and even offer advice to those who need it . Feel free to ask us anything . we’re here to help you through these couple of years (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Day In the Life Of A Sixth Form student

Hey Guys! Hope you’re all doing well, so in case you didn’t know me and Vivian have started Yr12. It’s been crazy and amazing on my behalf, and so far I am loving the experience, but I thought I’d give you guys an Insight on what my daily life is like at school( in the middle of a pandemic)

So usually I start my morning off by waking up at 7 then brushing my teeth and doing my skincare routine, I then get dressed, do some light makeup and brush my hair. Usually I try eat breakfast but I often feel sick in the morning, so I choose to bring a snack or a fruit with me so I can eat it during breaktime 🙂

I also always make sure to plan my outfits the night before, to pack my bag, and put in my lanyard, keys and face mask (we have to wear them around school ). Doing this also helps me feel less stressed in the morning and gives me more time to relax and focus on getting ready for the day !

I then meet up with my friend and we walk to school which is only 5 minutes away from where we live. From monday- thursday I usually have between 2-4 free periods (per day) where I go and try revise and catch up with homework, but sometimes I like to just relax and listen to music and talk with my friends and even play games haha.

On a monday I usually start of by going to my Sociology lesson then I have two frees before one psychology lesson, then lunch and another 55 mins of psychology.

The biggest and best difference between Yr 11 to Yr12 is the more time I now have during school to revise and do homework. Which means I have less work to do at home, and I’m generally independent so I love having the time to just sit down and go over things on my own.

Once the day Is over I go home and change into comfy clothes, so I can then do an hour or more of studying depending on how I feel. I usually then watch netflix for an hour or two before bed to relax. I usually do my skincare routine again ,pack my bags and get ready for the next day before calling it a night at 10:30 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading a little insight on what my day is like, let me know If you’d like me to do more of these or perhaps a skincare routine if anyone is interested.😊


Female Genital Mutilation

Heyyyyy, I’mmmm backkkkk!! So normally, I wouldn’t go into society and such because Sairah is a lot better at this BUT WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is where they cut the the female genitals deliberately for NO medical purpose and causes a lot of health problems in the future. There’s more than 200 million girls have had this done to them and it’s practiced in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia which has caused it to be a global concern! But nothing is done for them!! The procedure is carried out from the age of 2-15 and they do it against their will by tying them down. It causes a lot of people needing surgery when they grow up due to extreme pain and experience a lot of infections. They strip girls of their natural body and to mutilate it so they’re “clean”, they take away something so personal and private to them. I can’t understand why this is still being allowed.

There are cultural and social factors for this monstrous practice, and they claim that it’s tradition so they can marry off their daughters to men. It’s said that FGM is necessary for girls to prepare for marriage and adulthood. They cut off their external genital tissues and then sew it together! This absolutely disgusting, my heart breaks every time I hear the story. This causes women to feel scared of having sex because of the amount of pain that they would be in, it causes difficulties passing period blood, it causes urinary problems, and even death.

There are 4 types of FGM:

  • Type 1:  this is the partial or total removal of the clitoral glans (the external and visible part of the clitoris, which is a sensitive part of the female genitals), and/or the prepuce/ clitoral hood (the fold of skin surrounding the clitoral glans).
  • Type 2:  this is the partial or total removal of the clitoral glans and the labia minora (the inner folds of the vulva), with or without removal of the labia majora (the outer folds of skin of the vulva ).
  • Type 3: Also known as infibulation, this is the narrowing of the vaginal opening through the creation of a covering seal. The seal is formed by cutting and repositioning the labia minora, or labia majora, sometimes through stitching, with or without removal of the clitoral prepuce/clitoral hood and glans (Type I FGM).
  • Type 4: This includes all other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for non-medical purposes, e.g. pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterizing the genital area.”

This is copied off the WHO website here

This really disgusts me, I felt the need to raise awareness on this or else I would feel unsettled.

Lots of Love

Good Luck


Why I Want To Travel The World In The Future

Travelling has always been something exciting , that has been living rent free in the back of my mind for the longest of times haha. There’s quite a few reasons why I find it so important that I live out this dream of mine. So here’s why….

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit many places with my family as we sadly don’t have many chances to go on holiday often, but when we do I love how different life can be in unfamiliar places, and having to navigate your way through this change in scenery whilst experiencing new cultures and foods! The feeling is honestly indescribable.

The second reason is that I’d be very disappointed if I lived out my mundane life without meeting new people, seeing amazing new places and trying new things. Life is meant for exploring and I aim to do just that, you truly never know what’s out there .

Another reason is that I feel like I need an escape sometimes to somewhere far from home, just to relax and be far from any stress that I may be dealing with, and to give myself the chance to reflect on life. Just to go somewhere and have nothing but fun would do so much good for my mental health too 🙂

I also want to travel places so that If I do have children I’ll be able to tell them all the great experiences I’ve had and the amazing things I’ve seen so that one day I’ll be able to also show them those places !

Travelling really is necessity , and by travelling you will be exposed to new places hence enabling me to become a better-rounded global citizen that has developed a wider world view.


Stick to a Routine/Time Management

Heyyyyy it’s meeee againnnnn!! so about 3 weeks ago, I did a catch up blog post and how I was feeling really overwhelmed and slowly over the last 3 weeks, I took a break from everything and only did the homework that was due and practiced piano because it was something that I love to do. I didn’t do anything or put stress onto myself at all! So I have slowly been easing into a routine, and yes these things take time so don’t rush it. You have to adapt to a routine overtime, and it does take quite a while to find which one works for you.

To do lists are something I use every day! It helps me visualise what I need to complete every day, and in your mind a timetable forms for you in your mind, or if you need to write it down. For my GCSEs, I had to physically write down a schedule but now I can live with just a to do list and I know what I have to do and when.

Personally, I would beat myself up when I don’t stick to a routine that I’ve written out because I feel like I’ve failed. But we need to realise that it’s ok. We don’t have to stress and do everything, it’s just a guide for what you want to complete that day, as long as you prioritise the things you know you have to do for that day!

Remember to enjoy yourself because life is short and it will fly by! So don’t be too hard on yourself and just go with the flow!! You need to ENJOY life and have fun!

Good Luck, I hope this helps!

Lots of love


Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

So great news, I have officially compiled a list of shows on Netflix that must be watched !!! these shows are packed with drama, romance, and even the supernatural.. so let’s jump right into it…

Gilmore Girls

I absolutely loved Gilmore girls, especially because it explored the relationship between a single mom and her teenage daughter who is figuring out her own way in life too. The show is funny and packed with drama which I love. And there’s some teen romance in it too. It’s honestly one of my favourite shows and I’d recommend it to most people.

Shadow Hunters

I don’t even know where to begin with this show there are so many plot twists and surprises, and moments that will leave you in tears, but that’s what makes a good show. I absolutely love series that are based around the supernatural so it’s definitely one of my favourites. Demons, fairies, vampires and even werewolves are in the show!!

Gossip girls

Another classic and a show I never thought I would love, but the second I started I couldn’t stop. It follows a group of high school friends, trying to make their way through life yet having all their mistakes and darkest secrets exposed on a anonymous site called “gossip girl”.

The Vampire diaries/ The orginals

Another great supernatural movie, full of gore and endless drama, this show truly left me in tears, I’ve never felt more emotionally invested in something :). If you want a show full of romance, and magic then this is definitely one for you.

Teen wolf

I am currently in the middle of binge watching this right now and I love it so much !!! The main characters, the action , the comedy, the drama . 10/10 I definitely recommend.


If you like shows about crime and problem solving , or are from the UK – you’ve probably heard of Sherlock Holmes , and if you haven’t then this is definitely a good show to watch, I always find it so interesting watching him solve the cases, as well as the humour along with it 😂


This is a 18 so I don’t recommend to anyone who’s younger 😅 or atleast 16 , because of how graphic it can be , it’s revolves around a psychopath/ serial killer, who is also obsessed and completely in love with a girl, he stalks her and follows her around and the rest is history…..

Anyway hope you all enjoyed this quick list ! I might do movies next 🙂 let me know if you enjoyed this 💕


How to Grow Taller :)

Heyyyy, if you’re anything like me then you’re constantly trying to find ways to grow taller because I’m stuck at 4″11 😦

I found this video that helps A LOT, just click on “video”

Stretches tend to make people grow because of gravity pulling us down, so stretching every morning and night will reverse that and will help you feel better! It relaxes all the tension that’s built up, increases flexibility and improves your posture which makes you appear taller!

There’s not much you can do to grow taller sadly, you should eat a balanced diet and stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Maybe try Vitamin D and Calcium supplements because they have proven to aid in human growth!

Hope this helps!!

Good Luck

Lots of love


End SARS – What You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard already protests in Nigeria have burst out over the past couple weeks, against it’s countries police brutality. Hence why you may have recognised #EndSARS taking over a-lot of the main social media platforms. So here’s what you need to know and how you can help make a change.

SARS stands for Special Anti-Robbery Squad which is a police unit that was initially established to combat armed robbery and crimes that were associated with firearms, but later on they slowly began to abuse their power, and now have a tarnished name that is associated with violation of human rights, extortion, brutality, and even in some cases murder.

A widespread #EndSARS campaign erupted in Nigeria in early October after a video circulated showing a man being beaten, apparently by SARS officers. The peaceful, well-organized protests disrupted traffic in Lagos and many other Nigerian cities. President Muhammadu Buhari’s government agreed to disband the SARS unit, but the protests continued with participants demanding sweeping reforms of police and action against the protesters were largely peaceful, but several were killed, according to Amnesty International which accused authorities of using unnecessary force. On Oct. 20 the government imposed a curfew, ordering everyone to stay at home and that evening the shootings occurred at Lekki plaza. For two days after that Lagos saw widespread rioting.

source from The Independent

As you can tell a clear injustice is being done, and we can’t sit around while knowing this is taking place so here are some ways you can help!!

  1. https://www.gofundme.com/f/4ppyfs-diasporans-against-sars ( a link to a activist group who are dispersing funds to on ground organisations in Nigeria supporting multiple victims on ground suffering from the aftermath of protests.
  2. Share posts on the matter with family and friends
  3. Donate money to special groups fighting against SARS
  4. Share information on your social media platforms
  5. Sign petitions
  6. Do your research on the matter!!!
  7. Join protests in your country but remember to stay safe
  8. Write to President Muhammadu Buhari on the amnesty website which gives you the option to write directly to the Nigerian president and attorney general

Please share this post and continue to raise awareness where possible , and continue to educate yourself on the matter, they need our help and we need to do our part !!


Reality Of Being A GCSE Art Student

Doing GCSE Art was honestly much more stressful than I anticipated, but thankfully I left with a 8 (equal to an A* in the old grading system), so I’d love to share some tips and tricks with those who want to take the subject, or are currently doing it. Well let’s get to it….


No not necessarily, you surprisingly can get good grades simply from having REALLY good annotations. Annotating your work to a good level of detail is what makes you a great candidate.


In your annotations you should always link back your work to the artist your taking inspiration from for example mentioning similarities between yours and their work , and also mention if you’ve added a little twist of your own into your drawing. Also talk about what elements you like in your drawing and what you dislike. Explore the media you have used (e.g pencil, pen, crayon or ink) and evaluate what you like and dislike about your media choice, and how you will improve in the future. Make sure to talk about tones, light ,reflection and shadows in your drawing when necessary.


For Art you have to choose a theme to do and I decided to do Maps for my A4 sketchbook but did ‘cars’ for my A3 one. I found these themes quite enjoyable to do and drawing itself can be very therapeutic. The only struggle I had was time management and balancing my other subjects as well as doing my best drawings. I often found myself staying after school in art club to get things do and ask my teachers for help.


  • Make sure to plan out your time properly
  • Ask your teacher for help
  • Take your time in your drawings
  • Invest in buying paintbrushes, different toned pencils, ect
  • annotate, annotate, annotate !!!
  • keep on top of your work
  • listen to music while you draw it helps relax you 🙂

Good luck to anyone who wants to do Art, apart from the workload it really is a fun and creative subject that I recommend !💕


Hey :)

Heya, I’m backkkkk!! I just needed to take some time to see how you all are, because I know that lately I’ve struggling quite a lot. No one really saw how hard it was for me and my parents would shout at me for looking so unlively, saying they’re sick of seeing this facial expression on me, but I’m just so tired. I really am tired. It’s been really hard for me lately and I feel the weight of everything crushing down onto me. I guess I’ve finally found myself within the period of quarantine and now that I’m back at school and have so much to do, I’m falling underneath the weight of it all.

During the months of quarantine, I haven’t been doing work and I’ve really taken care of myself mentally and physically because when I was preparing for GCSEs, I barely slept, ate or drank properly, so quarantine was a really great way for me to reset and get my life back in order – which it did, but it also got me into the habit of not working and just relaxing. When there’s too much that I’ve got to do, I tend to write out a to do lost for the day, then I schedule my timings and stick to this rigid structure, but now it doesn’t seem to work because I would plan everything out, and I’d end up not focussing and I’d end up doing something else. I feel like I’m losing control and I can’t hold myself to the standard that I was at before. But there’s no time for me to slack off, there’s so much that I have to get done.

These 2 years will be the toughest years for me. I dream of getting into Oxbridge and maybe get into publishing instead of music, which is a big step for me because for as long as I remember, all I’ve ever wanted was to study music, but now I want to work in the magazine industry and bring it back to life. I plan on passing my driving theory and practical test within 1 year, and alongside it my Grade 5 theory exam. There’s so much work at the sixth form already so juggling so much is so difficult. I practice 3 hours of piano a day because by the end of the 2 years I want to have my Grade 8 piano done.

I haven’t felt like this in a long time, where I feel like I’m losing myself again, where everything is going so fast and I haven’t even had time to catch my breath, but I also can’t slow down to breathe because there’s not enough time. I truly feel exhausted and I’m at lost with what to do. My birthday is in 3 days so it should be the time where I have fun right? Wrong, there’s so much school work, and all the other things I have to juggle. I really just need a break at this point. I feel so overwhelmed by everything, even with people I’m happy with, I’m just not happy anymore.

Especially since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, everyone is going through their own stuff and everyone has their own problems, so if you ever need to talk to me, just send me a text on my Instagram, @vxivian._ I will be here for you! Sairah and I have discussed our blog and how we started it off as anonymous, and we’ve reached the conclusion that she will reveal herself when she wants to, and as will I. To me revealing myself isn’t something that I would mind a lot, I don’t really mind if you know what I look like, and who I am.

Sorry this was a lengthy post, many of you probably won’t read it but I just wanted to check in with you guys x

Lots of Love

Good Luck,


Who Do You Want To Be?

Personally I find this question more interesting than when someone asks “ what do you want to be ?”. I believe a persons character, thought process and intentions is what defines them and their capability in life, and more importantly it dictates if they excel in life. But back to the question, who do you want to be ?… This question haunts me , I mean how can I know what I truly want , and how soon am I meant to know?. Is their an hourglass being drained of sand as I try to unravel my way through life?, am I just a mortal being with no core purpose in life, other than to simply exist and live out my mundane existence?. well…..

Perhaps we should all start of with having small aspirations for ourselves, for example I could say I want to grow mentally and mature in that sense, then once I have attained that maybe in a couple years time, I could expand this and say I want to lead a healthy lifestyle and find a new environment to help me maintain my progress. And then maybe through this new found way of living, I could discover that my true purpose in life is to then help others find their way too. Then I could turn what once was a small goal for myself, into something big, an occupation or maybe even a business.

I don’t think we should be too scared about our own self discovery, I find I so exciting that I still have years and years to make sense of my purpose in life, I both understand and appreciate that it may be a strenuous and arduous journey but nonetheless, I truly can’t wait for the missing pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

I can’t stress how important it is to have some goals and aspirations in life, and it can be with anything, set yourself small things you want to achieve and never give up on them ! But in relation to the question I also want you all to take every opportunity life throws at you, life is too short not to be living it to the full extent. Don’t be afraid to roam outside your comfort zone. Self discovery comes with time and is often spontaneous. There is no hourglass, no timer , just you and your own being. So take your time, live through life, be happy and don’t hesitate to do anything your heart desires.

That’s all for today’s posts, but I hope it made you think more on who you truly want to be, and who you want to be remembered for. 💕

“I am no bird: and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will”



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