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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a NEW DREAM


Hey i don’t know about you but being a teenager is quite difficult . well thats why we’re here ! we have sections thats suit everyone’s interests and even offer advice to those who need it . Feel free to ask us anything . we’re here to help you through these couple of years (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


Many of us nowadays struggle with our mental health , as we grow older we are naturally more exposed to the harsh realities of the world. The stress and pressure we feel leads to things such as anxiety, and we often forget we need to take care of ourselves and our own well being . I have personally struggled with mental health for years but self care is one of the things that has helped me and shaped me into a better person , a person who can control her anxiety and other mental health issues more effectively .

MY PERSONAL STRUGGLE I personally believe my anxiety was formed over the course of many years, the daily struggles some of us face as young children , things such as growing up in a toxic environment, lead to us having mental health issues as we’re older . At first I didn’t know what mental health , I was confused at how something within the fragments of our minds could so dramatically effect me physically. When I had panic attacks and struggled to breathe I thought it was something that needed a medical diagnosis , perhaps an illness?

It truly is scary not knowing what’s wrong and why this is happening . But once I found out about mental health, I still didn’t know what to do . I went home every day after school , so lost and confused , then things got worse for me mentally and I still didn’t know what to do. I constantly questioned my purpose in life… did I really need to be here if I was a burden to people ?

Sometimes, there is hardly anyone to turn to but yourself. Parents perhaps may not understand and think you’re overreacting, and friends may not truly understand what you’re feeling and going through no matter how compassionate they are towards you. This is why self care is so important to me , it showed me that the little things in life that I forgot about , could make all the difference. Just taking a few moments out of every day to de-stress and relax helped me calm down and refocus my mind. Now when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed I always turn to selfcare .


Selfcare doesnt mean taking a vacation to an exotic island to de-stress , It’s also about the simple things in life, the things that you find comfort in , even if it’s doing your makeup or going on a walk or perhaps even yoga . Anything can be added to your selfcare regime. As long as you feel good and relaxed , go for it !!


  • Go on a walk and take time to think or even just disconnect with everything going on around you
  • Do your skincare routine , perhaps even put on a mask and watch a show .
  • Take a shower
  • Read a book
  • Start a bullet journal , this is a great and fun way to keep track of things !
  • Learn a new recipe to cook and bake
  • Take a nap !
  • Listen to some music 🎧
  • Go out with friends and have fun
  • Write down your thoughts in a diary 🙂
  • Do some sports , maybe even sign up for martial arts or get a punching bag as a way to relieve anger and fustration
  • Write down your worries on a balloon and then let it go !!

There are countless things you can do, but remember you’ve survived all of your bad days, and for that you are strong and incredible , don’t feel as though you need to keep things to yourself. You truly are never alone. If you can’t talk to your parent or guardian talk to a friend , and if you can’t do that either always feel free to dm us on insta , we’re always happy to talk (click here) . But if you don’t want to then please try get some professional help or write down your thoughts somewhere, rather than bottling it all up inside .



Self Improvement:)

Hiiii, I hope you’re all doing great 🙂

So as a human, regardless of age, there is always room for self improvement and this will require you to self reflect on who you are right now and who you will want to eventually become. My advice can only aid you so far, you’ll need to complete this journey by yourself x

There must be something that you’re not happy with about yourself, right? And I’m not talking about if you want to be skinnier, prettier, or something to do with your appearance. I’m talking about your personality, your temper, your attitude, and what makes you who you are. I want you to think really carefully about what other people have told you about yourself that you didn’t like but deep down you knew that they were right. I want you to take that into consideration on top of what you have already pointed out about yourself. Then I want you to write it down and always refer back to it because you need to be reminded that these are your goals and you want to reverse your bad habits and become the best version of yourself on Earth while you still breathe.

Every single day I want you to remind yourself of your goals and focus solely on these goals as you go about your day. Maybe change your mindset or perspectives on how you see things. Make little changes every day and eventually these will become great things one day, just you wait and see.

Of course always plan some kind of reward at the end when you have reached your goals, you have to be motivated somehow. Maybe going travelling to a place you’ve always wanted and rightfully deserved (I would advise that you save a lot of money, you know for the 5 star luxury hotels :))

I mean, being a better person is something everyone wants to achieve because then people will be more inclined to be friends with you, be happier, and in the future you will be pleased with yourself more and can die without any regrets.

Oh and another piece of advice there’s always things that you should keep private because you can’t ever trust anyone because people will screw you over all the time, all you really need is 2-3 really close friends but if you want to be a better person, you do it for yourself.

I hope you will become very successful!!

Lots of love and of course good luck


A Forbidden Breath

One last breathe .. that’s all it took .. a breathe, a archetypal thing , yet it lead me with a pulchritudinous smile to the peace I had never known on earth ….

I recalled looking on at my supposed enemy in the mirror , I searched for the Error they all claimed to see . But all i saw was the beauty my mother taught me . The tenderness that our people and our culture had .

But if so why aren’t we the same? I questioned , as every part of my brain tried to fathom a suitable answer .

I look at you while you held me down and reached for your gun , a cold chill ran down my spine , I wondered why you refused to see the warmth of my complexion. Why must it threaten you ? Aren’t we all of the same flesh and blood ? . Your once ocean eyes had now been penetrated with a sickly red colour ; the anger within you was raising , my struggles only provoked you further , to you it wasn’t enough to see me gasp for air … You’d rather we didn’t share the same air at all ….

my warm brown eyes which once looked like an endless pool of honey in this sunlight we’re now pulsating with crimson-red veins . I pleaded with you to let me go . I had done nothing wrong … But all you say was an inferior . Someone worthy of death . The darkness of my complexion was a viable excuse to sentence me to your own mapped out execution….

I heard gunshots , but this time they were penetrating me ,as they did to the others before who were also born with the “ curse” of having melanin . They saw a body trying to fight to live, but why should I fight ? After all I’m the one escaping a prison , one that was invisible to others . My wounds began to heal as though my blood was liquid magic … the pain stopped ….. I watched over my body , the bullets were now gem like pebbles soft to my soles , freeing me of a world that only sought to end me .

However this wouldn’t be the end.

My mother would be left with a black hole in her heart . Her child was gone … but a supernova would explode upon every street . Angry protesters who saw me as their equal . People with your fair complexion also went against you, and the morals that you so very thought were right .

They instead welcomed our people , our culture , our community , and raised their firsts along side us . Oh how that must have exasperated you .

Left to rot behind black subterranean walls, yet you still don’t know the pain you heavily inflicted on me and the many others before .

Kill us and we will rise

Our numbers are our power ,the more you kill the more we fight for our freedom .

Our body’s left to bleed , yet our souls live onwards .

Give us violence and we will find peace whilst fighting against you .

Our past will never dictate our future . Our days as serfs , bonds women and men are now over .

They lay to rest like our corpses which you so heavily despised .


First time trying to take photos?

Heya, I hope everyone is well!! 🙂

So have you ever tried taking photos but they never turn out nicely? I’m not a photographer of any kind but there are some tips I can give to help you with photos, since I mainly model in photos and I can normally predict what would make my photos look better and slightly teach the person who takes my photos.

Firstly, I’m gonna predict that you kids aren’t going to take photos of people when you begin taking photos.

Okey, let’s get started!!

You don’t need a fancy camera to take good photos, all you need is a phone that you own, because editing is a lifesaver!

Perspective is EVERYTHING!!!

The angle you take photos with is extremely important. Perspective can change the entire shape of your photo so there’s angles you should stick to if you’re taking a photo of the SIDE of an object.

  1. Place the phone/camera at the same level as the object!
  2. Place the phone/camera at a lower level as the object to make it taller!

It’s important to know that you should always focus your phone/camera at the specific object to make it stand out, on a phone you can do that through tapping the screen where the object is to focus it, whereas on a camera it will most likely focus for you.

Lighting is just as Important!

You should take photos in natural lighting, it gives off the most detail and a high contrast in the photos. To figure out which is your angle for the best lighting, you need to move around a lot to see where the light should be when you take the photo. It’s basically a lot of trial and error. If the lighting isn’t good you can use an app to change the contrast and exposure. The one that I would recommend is the Adobe Lightroom Photoshop App.

For a phone, add grid lines to your screen, to will help you balance everything out. On an iPhone you can do this on settings>camera>grid lines. On an Android, you open the camera app>turn on grid lines

Finally, the last few tips would be keeping in mind symmetry, try to keep the object detail equal and a consistent background (preferably plain when focusing on an object), portrait mode would definitely aid in focus. Proportion should be kept in mind at all times as it can change the entire photo making it go from a 10 to 0.

Good Luck!! I hope that this was helpful in some way!


How To Embrace Your Natural Hair

When I started my natural hair journey I was completely unprepared and had no idea what I was getting myself into, I had no idea how to maintain my curls and how to take care of them, I didn’t even know what hair porosity was! but now after a year I’ve learnt so much on maintaining and keeping my natural hair healthy, and I want to share these tips with you so you too can look after your beautiful curls!!

When I first started my hair journey, I had a lot of heat damage due to having had my hair relaxed a couple years back, which now is a choice that I deeply regret. I was around 12 or 13 when I got it, and the reason I did was because I didn’t know how to take care of my curls and I simply wanted to fit in with my friends and have straight hair. My mum was never really taught how to take care of her curls either so she didn’t really know how to take care of mine. But after letting my hair grow for a few years, I finally did a big chop and began my natural hair journey…

HAIR POROSITY First thing first , you must know what your porosity is, and there’s a simple way of finding out, you simply take a strand of hair and place it in water . (scroll down to see what the results would look like). Having high porosity means there are holes and gaps in the cuticle which allow moisture to be absorbed easily but also lost. This means more products are needed to lock in moisture. On the other hand having low porosity means your hair repels water so needs more time to get saturated, also products aren’t easily absorbed so this can lead to product build up. So make sure you are researching the best products for your hair 🙂

HAIR TYPES AND HAIR ROUTINES I can’t stress how important it is to know your hair type, this helps you develop a routine that is more suited for your hair ! (scroll to see the range of hair types), when trying to find your hair type, keep in mind that you may have different curl patterns in your hair. When establishing a hair routine make sure you know what products you are using in your hair. Make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use in your hair are Sulfate free, because this strips the hair of its natural oils and can therefore make it dry and brittle, also make sure the products don’t have petrolatum or mineral oil as they can clog the pores on your scalp and make it harder for your hair to grow .

On wash days I like to start off with a hair mask which I made myself (using mayonnaise, an egg, some coconut and castor oil and the deep conditioner of your choice) this helps condition and moisturise my hair, I leave this on for about an hour before I begin washing my hair. Personally I think it’s best to work with your hair in sections as its easier to manage, so keep some hair ties near! Then I simply shampoo and condition each section (remember to brush while it has product in it), then I apply my leave in conditioner. At this stage you can either apply your hair moisturiser and creams then finger coil your curls and let the gel hold it in place, then let it air dry or diffuse it. But I prefer applying product and then putting them into braids to let it air dry. Air drying my hair has made such a difference , this allows your hair to be healthier and there’s no chances of heat damage!


  • DON’T let just anyone do your hair , make sure they are qualified and know how to deal with natural hair.
  • DON’T use too much heat as this will lead to heat damage (hair burns at 450 degrees)
  • DON’T use products without checking the ingredients
  • DON’T leave your hair uncovered when you sleep, as the fabric of your pillow case will absorb your hair moisture, leaving it dry and damaged, use a silk scarf or a bonnet instead.
  • DON’T use a fine tooth comb, use a wide one
  • DON’T shampoo your hair in a bunch
  • DON’T brush your hair when it’s try as it causes breakage
  • DON’T cut your hair with the wrong scissors
  • DON’T compare to other naturals , different things work for different people.
  • DO use protective styles
  • DO deep condition weekly
  • DO make your own hair masks with natural ingredients
  • DO hot oil treatments and scalp massages
  • DO use rice water and castor oil to help promote hair growth
  • DO remember hair has shrinkage so you may not notice the new growth at first
  • DO trim your ends every couple of weeks

REMEMBER to learn to love your hair and be patient with it, the end results will be worth the wait ;). Society has made us feel as though our kinks and coils have to be tamed for it to be ‘tidy’ and ‘presentable’, well it’s time for a change, embrace your natural hair and who you are and learn that you hair truly is beautiful. No matter what your hair texture of hair type is like, stand tall and wear your crown like the gift it is!

Feel free to text me on Instagram if you need anymore advice! – click here

– Sairah

Staples in Your Summer Wardrobe

Being fashionable is quite easy actually, many people constantly stress over what they wear before they leave the house making themselves presentable and dragging every last piece of clothing out your wardrobe then dumping it on the floor or the bed. Trust me, I know your struggle. It is HONESTLY the worst feeling ever, then you feel stressed and then go through an entire mental breakdown. Don’t worry!!! I have got your back!

We all know that summer is the hottest season of the year but being in the UK we all know that the weather LITERALLY changes every 2 seconds. So obviously we need to be prepared for all. So… LET’S START OFF WITH EXTREME HOT WEATHER:

Since the weather will be extremely hot:

  • You will want to have breathable clothes that are made from cotton, or polyester. This is because having clothes made out of nylon or some other material will stick to your skin and make it hard for your skin to breathe causing you to get sweaty and sticky.
  • You should select thin, light and flowy materials in order to let air pass through and trap some cold air that will cool you down.
  • Lean towards light colours since white reflects heat, whereas black absorbs heat so dress with lighter colours.

Now for the weather that’s sunny but has a chance of rain:

  • DENIM!!! Denim works on everyone, so always have a pair of good fitted denim shorts regardless of colour and you can always pair it with an oversized white T-Shirt with over-the-knee boots.
  • Keep a jacket close to you in case when it rains, it gets colder.
  • Honestly, not much can be said under this category as long as you go with denim, it can never go wrong, it fits with everything.

Now, for those rainy summer which can be quite cold for summer.

  • I would suggest a pair of skinny jeans with whatever top you choose, should be appropriate for this type of weather.
  • A denim/ leather jacket should be fine.
  • Oh and don’t forget an umbrella!!

For shoes, I will go with a pair of trusty sneakers of your choice, (my personal preference, VANS!!!) or a pair of sandals. Keep the colour selections of your outfits quite close or opposites, never both!!

REMEMBER!! Black and dark colours make people look slightly skinnier and white makes people slightly fatter. Vertical lines, trousers that cut off above ankles, tight clothes makes you look taller!!

Have fun!! And good luck with styling, I hope this helps and I would love it if you can tag or email me your outfits!

– Vivian

Tips to help keep your skin glowing!

Many of us teenagers struggle with acne and trying to maintain clear and healthy looking skin. Well perhaps it’s because you’ve been using the wrong products or just need to set down a simple routine! Well I’ve experimented and tried out many products, so here’s some tips and tricks to help you out ….

THE BASICS OF SKIN CARE First and foremost, you must learn and know your skin type this can help determine which products would be best for you to use. People with dry skin tend to feel tightness on their skin, so it’s best to use rich moisturisers and water based products that help hydrate the skin, and it’s also good to try using serums with vitamins in them this will help keep your skin feeling fresh and nourished. People with oily skin will typically have a shine on their cheeks, forehead and nose, for you I would recommend using clay masks and deep cleansing masks to help cleanse our any clogged up pores, and also peel or masks and nose strips, also make sure to use oil free products!!! and lastly those of you with normal/ combination skin you will notice that you may have a shine on your nose and forehead , whilst the rest of your skin is normal, for you I would recommend foaming cleansers and light moisturisers, and when using face masks you can put on two different ones at the same time, for the different areas of your skin, to help maintain a balance.

Most importantly when buying skin care products make sure to use the ones targeted for your skin type, and check the ingredients, the last thing you’d want is to put harmful chemicals onto your skin!!

SKIN CARE ROUTINE The the best thing you can do for yourself is to set out a simple skin care routine. Sometimes the less you use the better ! to start off with every morning you should clean your face with a cleanser, then dry off by patting with a damp towel, after that apply the toner of your choice with a cotton pad then add serum if you have one, and finally seal the moisture in with your moisturiser and never forget to apply SPF especially if you’re going out. At night , if you wear makeup make sure to take it off with a makeup remover and cotton pad. (NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON IT CAN CLOG YOUR PORES) then repeat the same thing you did in the morning but without the SPF. This is also the best time to apply spot cream if you have any. (clean and clear spot removal cream has always worked best for me).


  • Make sure to drink plenty of water, and try maintain a healthy diet, you may hear this a lot but it’s true! After all we are what we eat.
  • Don’t over use face masks which can be too harsh on your skin for example only use peel off masks and nose strips once a week, and only exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Try making your own face masks with natural ingredients! Tumeric face masks have always helped with my acne and acne scars. If you opt to use lemon juice in your mask make sure not to use too much as it can naturally bleach your skin, but if you use just a little it will target the dark marks or acne scars and helps get rid of them. Once you take off the mask don’t worry if it slightly stains it will come off if you cleanse properly or within 24 hrs. ( scroll down to see how to make it)
  • Make sure to change your pillow cases and bed sheets! The oils and grease from your hair and even dead skin can get onto your pillow, and trust me you don’t want any of that on your skin!
  • Green tea is great for skin you can either drink it or apply the tea bag to your face. It contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which also fights DNA damage from UV rays which can lead to skin cancer .
  • African black soap has worked wonders in helping me when i break out badly , as it deeply cleanses the skin and has no harmful chemicals since it’s natural. Make sure to moisturise straight after as it can be a little drying, so don’t use it too often either. When buying it make sure you get the real thing which is brown coloured not black ! (scroll down for more info)
  • Get your 8 hrs of sleep. Your skin needs time to grow and repair
  • Be patient your skin won’t be acne free overnight !


– Sairah

A Start for Music

Ok, first thing would be, as long as you’re willing to learn, age doesn’t matter – it’s just a number. Learning is a long process that’s very hard, but it’s always worth it at the end. So you have to keep going regardless of how hard it is!!

When you first start off with any instrument, it’s very useful to have someone who has really good ears and can help tell you what they hear. It’s always useful to find a teacher because they can always give you extremely useful tips.

Some advice I would give is always warm up, no matter what instrument it is, ALWAYS WARM UP because for your voice, it’s very damaging if you don’t warm up, whereas for instruments, doing little warm up exercises will strengthen the areas needed for the specific instrument. It will really pay off later on when you learn to play harder stuff.

Good Luck!!

and of course, Have Fun!!



Have you ever felt stereotyped just because of the colour of your skin? Have you ever felt unsafe in the streets because you never know when you may be targeted? Well…

Maybe you have or perhaps you haven’t, if you are white (Caucasian ), whether you like it or not you have something called ‘White Privilege’, now this does not mean your life is simple or that you have no personal issues, it just means you don’t have to constantly fear your safety because of your skin colour. You don’t have to worry about police brutality or that you will be killed mercilessly simply because your black.

GEORGE FLOYD …. I’m sure many of you have heard this name in the media recently. On the 25th may 2020 George Floyd was heartlessly killed by a white cop in Minneapolis. Although Floyd wasn’t resisting the officer knelt on his neck with his knee, while he desperately pleaded for him to stop. ‘I can’t breathe!’ he said, one of his very last words before his body gave in and became lifeless. And just like that another name was added to the list of black people killed because of racism. It’s 2020 and society still can’t comprehend that the colour of your skin isn’t an excuse to kill. George Floyd isn’t just another name though, he was a person, he had family and friends, and he had a little girl . His daughter who after that day will never see her dad again , who will only remember him by pictures . But despite her dad being killed she still smiles and said ‘Daddy changed the world.’…. you may not be black but fight for us, you may not be black but stand with us, and you may not be black but help us !!!!.

His killer isn’t even being charged with first degree murder or a life sentence in prison. Which just goes to show how unjust the system is, and this is all due to the lack of care by the people who are running our countries, our governments, our prime minister’s and our King’s and Queen’s, for example when protests erupted outside the White House . Donald trump hid in his bunker instead of facing the issue at hand, and for the first time since 9/11 the light of the white house were shut. Can’t you see that if we don’t take a stand there will never be change? If we don’t speak up we will not progress and if we don’t protest then we won’t raise awareness. And not only in America, the UK isn’t innocent either the conservatives have constantly been shown to be racist. In 1978 Thatcher said ” people (in Britain) are rather afraid that this country might be swamped with people with a different culture ” , in 2002 Johnson described black people as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ and no disciplinary action was taken, and our current PM Boris Johnson compared muslim women who wear burqas to ‘letter boxes’ and ‘bank robbers’.

BLACK LIVES MATTER.. A movement created to get justice for black people. Yes all lives matter but if all lives truly mattered black people wouldn’t be fighting and protesting right now in order to be apart of this category, so clearly ‘all lives matter’ is simply just a lie, since not all lives are accounted for, all black people are asking for is for you to raise your fists in solidarity and help them achieve the rights you already have. Let us be the generation that makes a change, the generation thats stops mothers crying from losing their children. After centuries of black people being oppressed surely this is the time for a change, to get rid of any last racism that is in modern day society .


  • RAISE AWARNESS, continue posting on social media and sharing with friends and family.
  • books you can read … why I’m no longer here talking to white people about racism by Reni Eddo-Lodge ….. me and white supremacy by Layla F Saad ….. white fragility by Robin Diangelo


“It is not enough to be not racist, you must be actively anti racist” – Angela Davis


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