Hair Care Routine :)

Heyyyyyy, I am backkkkkkk!! I bet you all missed me hehehehehe jkssss

It’s finally December!! Counting down the days until Christmas hehehehe *only cares about presents*

Anywhoooo as we approach the colder months my scalp and hair gets really dry and flakey, soooo here’s a haircare routine for youuuuu!!

So of course I’m not a professional, this is just what works for me 🙂

  1. I limit how often I wash my hair – so I wash it Tuesdays and Saturdays
  2. Once a month I’d do an oil treatment – alternating between coconut oil and olive oil.
  3. I use a leave in conditioner when my hair is still damp – I’d use the L’Oreal one (here) or the Toni and Guy one (here)
  4. I use Head and Shoulders shampoo (here) because I have dandruff – but it mainly due to a dry scalp which is why oil treatments is a must for me
  5. I use Dyson hairdryer (here) to dry my hair about 80% dry – mostly focusing on my scalp due to an asian superstition that if your scalp is wet, the water will go into your head causing headaches, which might cause the dryness on my scalp but since I’ve believed that since a kid, I’ve never dared to do otherwise, hence I use a Dyson so I don’t burn my scalp 🙂

I tend to drive my hair upside down for volume because my hair is fairly long, so after I dry it, I keep my head down until it cools down so it will stay in place and my hair won’t go flat!!

Andddd there we gooooo, I hope you enjoyed it!! Stay Warm!!

Good Luck,

Lot’s of love


2 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine :)

  1. Love the hair care routine. Oils and Leave in Conditioner are helping me in this dry season too


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