Good Looking Journal Stationary Review

Hey everyone, it’s me again!! Today’s post is going to be a little different, as I will be reviewing some very cute stickers and bookmarks that were kindly sent to us by ‘good looking journal’ (I will leave the link to her website and instagram down below, make sure to check her out!

Starting a bullet journal can be difficult sometimes, and without having some cute little things to add into it such as stickers, it can often becoming a little boring to do, that’s why we decided to collab with Megan, who is experinced when it comes to bullet journalling, and also shares some amazing photos and tips on her insta!! but without further or do let’s get started 💕

Our little bundle arrived in this cute little package! with our names written on the front 😊 which she had handwritten herself with a cute message on the back!

Here are the stickers that were inside:

These are 3 of the 6 sticker sheets we received!!
I love this one the most simply bc of how aesthetic and cute they look, and they will fit in perfectly when I start my bullet journal journey again later on this year 🤍🕊
I loveeeee these ones aswell and how unique they are, and I plan to use these on other things and not just my bullet journal 🙂
I really like the different colours she’s used for the days of the week, and I definitely plan to use these whenever possible ☺️

Here is the bookmark we received:

If you know me then you know I love to read !! Hence I’m always running out of bookmarks to use, so the fact that she gifted us two of these was amazing 🥺

All of Megan’s products are amazing and affordbale, so if you’re thinking of starting a bullet journal and want to find some cute accessories then do check out her account and show some love and support to her small buisness.

Also follow us on instagram to check out our reel on all of the products we recieved, aswell as to keep up to date with our bullet journal journey !

Our Instagram:

Her Instagram:

Her Website:


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