A Little Bit About Us :)

We are just two 16 yr old best friends (living in the UK), one of us being an only child and the other having a little sister .We’ve decided to escape the stress and drama of our lives and create a blog. One that we hope will help you guys! We’ve experienced quite a bit in life and we aim to document it all. Hope you enjoy !! 😉


Hey I’m Sairah, just your average teenager, I’m a 16 yr old mixed race girl (Moroccan and Caribbean), I love all things active, especially sports, which includes rock climbing, badminton, swimming, basketball and kickboxing (which I’m a black belt in), so I’ll be taking over the sports section, with some regular posts! I will also help run the travel sections and upload pictures I’ve taken.


Hiya, I’m Vivian. I’m 16, Chinese and I love clothes!! All things fashion, music and travelling. I also love photography, and modelling also sparks my interest, so I’ll be the one taking over music and fashion (mostly). I play the Piano, Flute and I sing. I’m also learning the guitar. I hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to ask us any questions.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Us :)

  1. Sairah and Vivian, great job! Two best friends starting a blog, love this! Stay together please and looking forward to reading!

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    1. Thanks sm , and hopefully we will ! We both love doing this blog together 😊 ( pls follow us if you haven’t already to stay updated 😅)

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      1. Haha I have already! Yeah, keep going and keep writing, you both!

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