Travelling is an experience that we as human beings all desire. It’s fun travelling around and experiencing things you’ve never seen before and learn about other cultures.

When I first went to Belgium, it was to perform at an open concert. We spent 6 months rehearsing and trust me, it was hard work but it was all worth it because music reached the people of Belgium and that was the greatest gift.

While we were still rehearsing before the big concert, we were allowed to go around the area sight-seeing. It was so sunny there and it was so different from England where it would always rain and you barely even see the sun. Well, in Belgium it’s a different story, the sun is always shining, for the week I’ve been there, there wasn’t a single drop of rain. The houses are so much different from the one’s in England and in my opinion, it’s like dollhouses.
This was a mini beach that we performed at, it was so beautiful and peaceful. I mean, the weather was cooler and there was wind that was constantly blowing in our faces and making our sheet music fly away, we had to use clothing pegs to pin it down 🙂
It was so refreshing and I would definitely go back to this spot again sometime in the future. There was also this giant hill of sand where we all ran up and down, to get excellent photos.
And of course, sunsets. I like to believe that sunsets and sunrise are the most magical and very romantic. But getting to see the sunset there makes you really enjoy life and makes you forget absolutely everything in life. You’re there, on the beach, right in this moment. There isn’t anyone or anything that can take you away from this happiness. Happiness starts with you and you need to love yourself enough to be strong enough for whatever life throws at you.
Obviously, this is Belgium we’re talking about, and which country can make chocolate better than Belgium? Hmm, I don’t know, how about you tell me. Chocolate is a huge part of our lives, don’t you agree? I don’t know about you but I love chocolate more than anything. If you go to Belgium, YOU HAVE TO TRY THE CHOCOLATE!!
Nature is something that’s always around us and it’s something that we co-exist with. Humans are a lot like flowers actually, we need water, food and sunlight to grow. It’s also a very beautiful thing, we as people use nature as scenery for photography but we never really appreciate it enough. We just see how it’s pretty, and never see how we can’t live without it. We take too much for granted in our lives.
Touring the city of Brugges on a boat it was a lot of fun. Without tiring ourselves, we got to see the whole of the city. It was very beautiful. I’ll put a few more photos up and you can see!!

This is a very famous tourist point in Bruges!


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