Many of us nowadays struggle with our mental health , as we grow older we are naturally more exposed to the harsh realities of the world. The stress and pressure we feel leads to things such as anxiety, and we often forget we need to take care of ourselves and our own well being . I have personally struggled with mental health for years but self care is one of the things that has helped me and shaped me into a better person , a person who can control her anxiety and other mental health issues more effectively .

MY PERSONAL STRUGGLE I personally believe my anxiety was formed over the course of many years, the daily struggles some of us face as young children , things such as growing up in a toxic environment, lead to us having mental health issues as we’re older . At first I didn’t know what mental health , I was confused at how something within the fragments of our minds could so dramatically effect me physically. When I had panic attacks and struggled to breathe I thought it was something that needed a medical diagnosis , perhaps an illness?

It truly is scary not knowing what’s wrong and why this is happening . But once I found out about mental health, I still didn’t know what to do . I went home every day after school , so lost and confused , then things got worse for me mentally and I still didn’t know what to do. I constantly questioned my purpose in life… did I really need to be here if I was a burden to people ?

Sometimes, there is hardly anyone to turn to but yourself. Parents perhaps may not understand and think you’re overreacting, and friends may not truly understand what you’re feeling and going through no matter how compassionate they are towards you. This is why self care is so important to me , it showed me that the little things in life that I forgot about , could make all the difference. Just taking a few moments out of every day to de-stress and relax helped me calm down and refocus my mind. Now when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed I always turn to selfcare .


Selfcare doesnt mean taking a vacation to an exotic island to de-stress , It’s also about the simple things in life, the things that you find comfort in , even if it’s doing your makeup or going on a walk or perhaps even yoga . Anything can be added to your selfcare regime. As long as you feel good and relaxed , go for it !!


  • Go on a walk and take time to think or even just disconnect with everything going on around you
  • Do your skincare routine , perhaps even put on a mask and watch a show .
  • Take a shower
  • Read a book
  • Start a bullet journal , this is a great and fun way to keep track of things !
  • Learn a new recipe to cook and bake
  • Take a nap !
  • Listen to some music 🎧
  • Go out with friends and have fun
  • Write down your thoughts in a diary 🙂
  • Do some sports , maybe even sign up for martial arts or get a punching bag as a way to relieve anger and fustration
  • Write down your worries on a balloon and then let it go !!

There are countless things you can do, but remember you’ve survived all of your bad days, and for that you are strong and incredible , don’t feel as though you need to keep things to yourself. You truly are never alone. If you can’t talk to your parent or guardian talk to a friend , and if you can’t do that either always feel free to dm us on insta , we’re always happy to talk (click here) . But if you don’t want to then please try get some professional help or write down your thoughts somewhere, rather than bottling it all up inside .




  1. This was so good to read!! And yes even if we can’t communicate our feelings to someone because of x reasons I always feel so much better after writing it down in my journal! Thank you for writing this!! Xx

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    1. I’m glad you liked it !! I feel like this is an issue people sometimes shy away from talking about . And yes writing about it helps me too 🥰

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  2. Loved this blog! It was so wholesome ❤

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