Things To Do That Will Help Boost Your Grades

Hey guys I’m finally back with another advice/school related post! I personally know what It’s like to be doing bad in school while knowing you have the potential to do so much better, and I know how discouraging it can be to get a bad score in a test. I’ve often been given a lot of advice and I believe I have come up with some Tips that really do work in helping up your grades.

  1. First of Prioritise your Mental Health, do whatever it takes to detox and get your mind set to where it needs to be I’ll link a few posts that I’ve previously written on mental health if you need somemore help : -Selfcare and mental health post, the battle between school and mental health post
  2. Get yourself out of toxic situations and away from people who could affect your ability to do well academically. This is easier said than done but you got this!!!!
  3. Find a quiet place for studying with limited distractions
  4. Find a revision method that works for you, for example some people are visual learners so prefer using videos
  5. Recap what you learnt on the same day and make notes on the topic
  6. Use flashcards to test yourself
  7. Do exam questions and practise papers
  8. Use old test results to identify areas of weakness and revise on it !
  9. Don’t study non stop for long hours , instead divide them into manageable chunks and take breaks in between
  10. Don’t stress and don’t cram this often causes you to forget the things already committed to memory
  11. Print off the specification for each subject and highlight the information you know and go back on what you don’t know
  12. Don’t just learn the words without understanding the meaning and how it links to the topic!
  13. Practise, practise, practise !! and always recap things you already revised after a week or two so you never forget what you learnt. 🦋

I hope these tips were useful 😉 and I wish you all the best in your studies, but remeber tests don’t define you and it really is just a memory game !!!


4 thoughts on “Things To Do That Will Help Boost Your Grades

  1. Thankyou for these tips, definitely helpful and is something I am working on. Currently taking a break from studies as I was so exhausted last week.

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    1. Aw I’m glad you found them helpful, and yes it’s always good to take breaks and detox ☺️💕

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  2. Oh wow these were so helpful!! And I know they will be even more helpful in the future! Tip #12 really stuck out to me! It is such an important concept to understand and actually put to practice!

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  3. Thank you🥺 so glad it was useful, and yes #12 has especially helped me ALOT this year 💕🙈


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