Planning To Travel?

Heyaaaaa, so I know we’re still all in quarantine but many of us may want to travel after when travelling is safe again. I thought it was necessary to write this blog because early planning is key!!

Things to start thinking about now:

  • Buy plane/train/bus tickets about 3-6 months early for cheaper prices 🙂
  • Try to book tickets for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, they will be the cheapest.
  • Try and research as much about the place you’re travelling to and buy tickets for all the places you will visit as early as possible.
  • Make sure you can access mobile data and minutes there!

When you’re there:

  • Use their public transport
  • Try booking tour buses and cruise ships earlier! They’re a great way to see the entire city.
  • Don’t always eat out, it’s expensive as heck, try going to their supermarkets!

Use Skyscanner to book planes, use Trainline for coaches or trains, and use AirBnB for accommodation.

These are just a few tip for planning your trip! Hope you have a great time 🙂

Lots of love,

Good Luck


1 thought on “Planning To Travel?

  1. I love travelling and so wanna travel and visit beautiful places but due to this pandemic situation, can’t go anywhere. I hope that the situation gets better and i get to travel again. Btw thanks for sharing this. Lovely planning tips. 😊😍


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