Classism In The UK – An Unspoken Prejudice

So recently in the UK the classes of 2020 received their GCSE’s, A-Level and BTEC results. ( Me and Vivian were one of the thousands who got their GCSE’s) . If you’re from the UK then you understand the importance of these grades, these results, pretty much determine our future, for GCSE’s it determines if you go on to do A-Levels, BTEC or even an apprenticeship, and for A- level it determines if you have good enough grades to be accepted into the university of your choice. Regardless the point is that these grades are important.

Now you can imagine the stress we were all under after the coronavirus outbreak lead to the closing of schools, because of this we were in a position where we no longer had control of our grades , the department of education then told us we would be given grades from our teachers predictions and previous assessments. which was fair , until all went downhill… and the last thing I thought was possible happened … classism.

The DfE awarded A- level results based on a system of how well your school previously preformed, and this was the worst possible situation for schools in disadvantaged areas , this was unfair because a school’s previous performance does not dictate all individuals . As a result of this 40% of grades were downgraded and a lot of people were rejected from the school of their choice .

However their were protests and uprisings by these infuriated students , and this thankfully lead to a U- turn and GCSE and A-Level students were awarded grades based on their teachers predictions. Regardless , we cannot continue to ignore the classism which plagues our society , this was only one example .

The gap between the upper and working class is far too big , it exists in all facets of society but more importantly in the workplace . Although the Equality Act of 2010 provides protection against discrimination, but there are no provisions for class or socio-economic status, even though 60% of brits do come under working -class.

Now just simply imagine being denied a job , not because of your lack of knowledge or skill but rather because your social status is lower than someone else , this system is hidden within society so much so that most of us don’t even recognise it. But I truly believe that we are the generation that can accomplish so much , we have the courage to raise our voices and be heard . we managed to have a U-turn in terms of our education , well how about a U-turn in society.

Stop letting the government walk all over us and our future, the Tories blatantly favour the rich . Yet we still vote them in, however once we are of age to vote , and if you already are, I urge you to research into who you are voting in , these are our lives being played with , so vote for the right people !!!.

I’ll leave it at that, if you read to the end thank you, and i truly hope you look into this issue more and become one of many aiming to create change.

– Sairah

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