Chloe Ting Week 3 Update !!

Hey guys , so I thought this would be a good time for me to update you all on my Chloe Ting journey. It’s been almost a month now and wow has it been an incredible fitness journey , and mental one aswell.

Well first of one change I have made that has made a dramatic difference , is that have I included a waist trimmer belt, which I wear to all the workouts I do , and the purpose of it is to make you sweat around your stomach much more , and this helps you lose water weight much faster. So I would defo recommend buying one!!


I’m really happy to say that I feel so much more stronger than I did when I first started , not just physically but also mentally . I generally now find that doing the workouts is so much more easier than before , and I’ve noticed a gain in muscle. Not only that but my body is looking much more toned than before and my stomach is flatter , I am also beginning to see some definition. Chloe Ting’s workouts really are the best thing in terms of every fitness workout I’ve ever tried , the only thing you need is discipline and some motivation to get through the entire program.

Also I didn’t expect to grow this much mentally but I feel like I have, my confidence and self love has improved a lot too. Every time I complete a workout, my mood is immediately uplifted , and I generally feel so proud of myself for continuing and doing my upmost best .


There’s so many things I have learnt but the most important thing is probably to listen to your body, especially when your not feeling well during a workout or strong enough to even workout that day , like I understand and realise the constant need and desire to push yourself in order to achieve the best results , but don’t go so far to the point where you could put yourself in harms way , trust me it is not worth it !!! Just skip that day , or take it easy and replace some exercises with easier ones.


  • Progress takes time , you may need to even add weights and resistance bands for the end results you truly want.
  • Take your time and don’t overwork yourself
  • Eat healthy
  • Love the body you are in !!!
  • STICK TO THE PROGRAM!!!!! it will be worth it 🙂
  • Do your best , even if you can’t finish it all , just remember you will get stronger overtime.
  • Make sure you’re getting the right foods to give u the energy you need , so do your research into the best foods to buy .
  • It’s better to go slow and steady than to rush an‏ exercise

Well That’s all for today’s posts, i hope you find these tips useful 😉 I will be doing another final update at the end of the program so stay tuned for that!! BUT REMEMBER YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING NO MATTER YOUR SHAPE, SIZE OR WEIGHT ,LOVE YOU ALL ❤️

– Sairah

2 thoughts on “Chloe Ting Week 3 Update !!

  1. Congrats!! It’s amazing isn’t when we see the change we want to see! I was wondering about the waste belt or however you call it. I feel like it would help me but I don’t really know… where did you buy yours from?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got mine from this store we have in the UK haha but I’m sure you could find it online , it’s called the opti waist trimmer belt 😌 and I definitely recommend it


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