Why I Want To Travel The World In The Future

Travelling has always been something exciting , that has been living rent free in the back of my mind for the longest of times haha. There’s quite a few reasons why I find it so important that I live out this dream of mine. So here’s why….

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit many places with my family as we sadly don’t have many chances to go on holiday often, but when we do I love how different life can be in unfamiliar places, and having to navigate your way through this change in scenery whilst experiencing new cultures and foods! The feeling is honestly indescribable.

The second reason is that I’d be very disappointed if I lived out my mundane life without meeting new people, seeing amazing new places and trying new things. Life is meant for exploring and I aim to do just that, you truly never know what’s out there .

Another reason is that I feel like I need an escape sometimes to somewhere far from home, just to relax and be far from any stress that I may be dealing with, and to give myself the chance to reflect on life. Just to go somewhere and have nothing but fun would do so much good for my mental health too 🙂

I also want to travel places so that If I do have children I’ll be able to tell them all the great experiences I’ve had and the amazing things I’ve seen so that one day I’ll be able to also show them those places !

Travelling really is necessity , and by travelling you will be exposed to new places hence enabling me to become a better-rounded global citizen that has developed a wider world view.


9 thoughts on “Why I Want To Travel The World In The Future

  1. Sairah, I love this!! I, just like you, am so fund of traveling! And honestly one of my dreams is to travel all around the world! To learn the language, the culture, the food!! It’s so cool and mesmerizing! However, the thing I love the most is the experience and stories that come with traveling! I hear my grandma’s stories of where she has travel and I always love them!! Haha, great post love!! Have a great day! ❤️

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    1. Awww that’s so sweet, and yes that’s exactly my plan !!! Travelling the world and experiencing it all🥰 honestly can’t wait to get started 😊


  2. I agree with this entirely, I really long to travel and the issues potentially preventing me from doing so are money and time. However the benefits obtained from travelling are endless, and I don’t think reasons like these should lead to anyone giving up on their desires.

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    1. Yes I totally agree money especially will be quite an issue for me but hopefully I can find ways to save up and get a good job too after I’ve completed my studies 😊🙌🏼 thank u so much for the comment x

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  3. Traveling is my biggest dream ever!

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  4. omg its always been a wish that i can travel the world and i cant wait to be able to!

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    1. Hope we both get the chance to in the future🙈💕

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