Stick to a Routine/Time Management

Heyyyyy it’s meeee againnnnn!! so about 3 weeks ago, I did a catch up blog post and how I was feeling really overwhelmed and slowly over the last 3 weeks, I took a break from everything and only did the homework that was due and practiced piano because it was something that I love to do. I didn’t do anything or put stress onto myself at all! So I have slowly been easing into a routine, and yes these things take time so don’t rush it. You have to adapt to a routine overtime, and it does take quite a while to find which one works for you.

To do lists are something I use every day! It helps me visualise what I need to complete every day, and in your mind a timetable forms for you in your mind, or if you need to write it down. For my GCSEs, I had to physically write down a schedule but now I can live with just a to do list and I know what I have to do and when.

Personally, I would beat myself up when I don’t stick to a routine that I’ve written out because I feel like I’ve failed. But we need to realise that it’s ok. We don’t have to stress and do everything, it’s just a guide for what you want to complete that day, as long as you prioritise the things you know you have to do for that day!

Remember to enjoy yourself because life is short and it will fly by! So don’t be too hard on yourself and just go with the flow!! You need to ENJOY life and have fun!

Good Luck, I hope this helps!

Lots of love


3 thoughts on “Stick to a Routine/Time Management

  1. Ah Viv! This is something I desperately needed to hear! I’ve been in such a slump these past couple of week and just hearing the part when you said that “you’ve been focusing on just a few things that needed to be done” it really stood out to me. In the sense that I just need to start focusing on just a few things that will make me feel accomplished and that is ok.
    Ahh sorry I feel like I’m rambling🙈 I loved your post!! Keep up the good work! ❤️


    1. Thank you!! Yes I agree as well. There’s so much that needs to be done in such a short amount of time, and it all gets so overwhelming so that really helped me too!! So I finally realised that I didn’t have to do everything at the same time, and I should just prioritise what needs to be done first each day and that’s how I slowly go through what I need to do. I think there’s a saying something along the lines of “never bite off more than you can chew” and I have never related to something as much as this. I’m very happy that it has helped you! 🙂

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      1. Aw thank you!! I love that saying and yes that is something I can related and keep in my hand! Thank you lovely, I hope you have a beautiful day!! ❤️

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