12 Christmas Presents Ideas!!

Heyyyyy, it’s me again!! Christmas is just round the corner and I always get stuck on what to give people for Christmas… so I decided to make your life easier and do that for you 🙂

  1. A GIANT TEDDY BEAR – everyone loves teddy bears, especially when they’re big enough to sit on and fluffy enough to sleep on!!
  2. JEWELLERY – whether it’s for a guy or for a girl, jewellery has always been a great gift. Maybe engrave or personalise it!!
  3. FOOD – everyone loves food. You really can’t go wrong there! Grab a basket and fill it up with all their favourite foods:)
  4. A PHOTO ALBUM – I don’t know about you but I go crazy when I see an album of photos, especially with photos of you guys in the past!
  5. STATIONARY – everyone loves cute stationary!!
  6. SKINCARE & MAKEUP – If you have a friend who loves it, no matter how much they already have.
  7. CANDLES & DECOR – always makes great gifts when you have no idea what to get them
  8. PERFUME – this is always an iconic gift when you don’t know what to get someone. Make sure you smell it first!
  9. GAMES – board games, card games, they’re all useful when there’s no electricity, camping etc.
  10. CLOTHES – who doesn’t want clothes as gifts, I know that I love shoes!
  11. CAMERA – this is a great way for your friends to create memories and fun photos, not to mention a new hobby.
  12. ANYTHING THEY’VE TOLD YOU THEY’VE WANTED – you can never go wrong with this!

I hope this helped, it was a really short post 🙂

Good Luck

Merry Christmas

Lots of Love


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