CeleStella Review

Hey Guys 🙂 I’m back again with another post!! This time it’s a review for this Jewellery brand called CeleStella!!

Beautiful, elegant packaging!’

CeleStella is a Demi-Fine jewellery company based in New York. They make beautiful jewellery that has distinctive designs without compromising environmental damage that’s caused by unethical mining!! They hand select every gemstone which is unique for every person who wears them!!

CeleStella crafts their jewellery with great care for over 3000 styles, including the latest trends for all the occasions. Their jewellery is premium gold and silver only!

This is their website: http://www.celestella.com/ all of them start from $29 only!!

We have an exclusive discount code for you!! Enter: “VS15” at checkout!!

They have the cutest packaging ever!! When they arrived it was in a black box with their name ‘CeleStella’ written so beautifully in silver! With the orders they send a cute silver keychain and they all include Polishing Cloths for the jewellery which a lot of high end luxury brands like Pandora don’t! This sets CeleStella apart from other jewellery companies!!
These were the jewellery we chose from their newest collection ‘Strength in Silence’ click here for the collection!

Our opinions from the jewellery we chose:

I love this necklace so much! I’m a very delicate person and this necklace caught my personality perfectly! I wore the necklace for several days and it doesn’t leave a green tint on your skin like cheap jewellery do so I definitely recommend!

The link for the necklace: https://www.celestella.com/collections/strength-in-silence/products/celestella-shining-star-hip-hop-style-sterling-silver-necklace

I absolutely love this necklace and have been wearing it since it arrived! It fits me and my style perfectly and goes with all my outfits ! And ironically I was looking for a necklace with a design similar to this one so this was amazing🤍

The link for the necklace: https://www.celestella.com/collections/strength-in-silence/products/celestella-vintage-heart-sterling-silver-necklace

Their rings have a very special twist to them that I love so much! They are one sized but they fit all finger sizes because you can squeeze it and it will become smaller or pull it apart to make it bigger! This fits me perfectly and I love to wear it so much! It fits with anything and I personally wear it on a daily basis because who doesn’t need gold rings to spice up their outfits 🙂

The link for the ring: https://www.celestella.com/collections/strength-in-silence/products/celestella-fashion-intertwined-sterling-silver-open-ring

I love how simple yet gorgeous this ring is, it’s style suits me as I adore when things aren’t too out there yet still make a statement. I also love how it’s designs is unique!!
These are some photos of how I would style it!
This ring can go on any finger and like I said, it’s readjustable! I love it so much!!
This is how Sairah styled it and I love it!! She looks stunning!

I love how CeleStella promotes “Girl Power” and empowering women so each of these designs are so unique to every person, which I love because I am all about women empowerment!!

Plus it’s Valentines Day soon, so it’s perfect opportunity to order jewellery for your loved ones!! These will definitely put a smile on their face and if someone got them for me, I’d be so happy that I would cry because I swear their jewellery is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I hope you check them out! We have an exclusive discount code: VS15

Website: http://www.celestella.com/

Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “CeleStella Review

  1. Oh I love all of the jewelry you both received! They’re such stunning pieces 🤩 I’ll definitely check out CeleStella! 🤍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you liked what we chose 🥰🥰 and yes do check them out !!🤍

      Liked by 2 people

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