Krema Angelova Jewellery

Hello beautiful people!! I’m back with another review post!! and of course it’s jewellery hehehehehe, because as we all know,I loveeeee jewellery!! Soooo lets get to it…

I’ve been exposed to a lot of jewellery from a very young age so I’m quite decent at judging jewellery, and might I say, these bracelets are beautiful!! They’re made from beautiful stones and crystals and are bound together really well. I really like these types of bracelets and I love the cooling sensation they have on your skin!

Here’s a word from the owner: “My brand stand for quality, purpose, spirit, authenticity> My jewellery is worn by people who want to live life to the fullest. People open and ready to work for their progress and who seek personal growth and are wanting more from life. All my pieces are unique and represents this personal uniqueness in every each of us.”

Here’s her brand:

These are the one’s I received, and I love very single one of them. They fit perfectly, and they’re so easy to style. They fit every type of clothing and spice them up a bit more!!
Here are some photos of what I would wear with it. I love it so much!! I especially love how each bead is unique and all shaped differently.
These were the one’s Sairah received and it’s so beautiful too!! She loves them and have been wearing it A LOT lately.
Here are some style photos from her!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and here’s her website again:

I hope you all check it out because they’re absolutely beautiful!!

Lots of Love

Good Luck


4 thoughts on “Krema Angelova Jewellery

  1. Gorgeous!😍

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  2. These are gorgeous bracelets! 😍

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