Why I Aspire To Be A Psychologist

hey! hope you guys are having a great day, I am back with another post, this time about the future and myself. I know how daunting it can be to figure out what you wish to do in the future, and what career path to choose. But I thought I’d give you guys an insight into something I really am quite passionate about, and maybe one of you will find an interest in it too 🙂

Psychology is the study on the inner workings of the mind, the human brain itself is the single most compelling object of study or contemplation. Learning how the mind works in both sickness and health is what drove me into the interesting realm of psychology.

I myself have always been quite a curious child, I always wondered why people are the way they are, and once I learnt about mental illnesses and having experienced some myself, I became even more inclinded to know the answers, and psychology does just that, It’s helps explain so many elements of the mind.

Hence why I want to become a psychologist, specifically a child psychologist, I wish to learn more about humans, and mental illnesses and then use my knowledge to help innocent young people who may have been subjected to the harsh reality of life at a young age, I wish to provide them with support and a solution for their troubles, which was something i did not have.

I’ve personally always found both a passion and joy in helping others, hence why becoming a psychologist seemed like a perfect career for me, the job itself can be difficult and stressful sometimes, however it is still a fulfilling job to aquire.

That will be all for today’s post but if you would like to know more about psychology or what it’a like to study it at a-level then please do DM us on our instagram or leave a comment down below ❤


9 thoughts on “Why I Aspire To Be A Psychologist

  1. You will do great in this field ❤❤


  2. I’ve been pretty fascinated with psychology recently so it’s nice to see someone else talk about it! I hope it turns out exactly the way you hoped it would!!💖

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    1. It really is sooo interesting!! I’m super excited to learn more about it, and I’m glad your interested to ☺️🤍💘

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  3. This is so interesting! I just know that you’ll do an amazing job and you’ll help so many people!

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  4. This is very intriguing! I am also fascinated with psychology.

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    1. Yess!! Love that ☺️ are u currently studying it ??


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