Sairah’s Skincare Routine

Heyyyy, hope you all had a wonderful week ! I’ve been prolonging doing this post but I’ve finally gotten round to do it :)….. hope you enjoy 💕


  • First I wash my face with a cleanser I loved using Simple’s ‘moisturing cleaner’ and their ‘purifying’ one.
  • Then I get a cotton pad and clean my face with a toner
  • After that I use rosehip oil all over my face to help mositurise my dry skin 😁
  • I then use simple’s ‘hydrating gel cream’ and their ‘replenishing rich moisturiser’

( I know how important it is to always wear SPF however I admit that most of the time I do forget🤦‍♀️)


  • First I clean my face again using the ‘moisturing cleanser’
  • Then I use ‘micellar cleansing water’ from garnier to remove any remaining makeup and dirt. 🙂
  • After that I go in with my rose water toner
  • Then I use my ‘ Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil’ from the body shop, which helps to keep my skin moisturing during these cold weathers, and keeps my skin soft ❤
  • Then I use aloe vera gel to help with any scars and dark marks on my face.
  • After that I go in with my ‘hydrating gel cream’ and ‘replenishing rich moisturiser’ once again(*/ω\*)

Well that concludes my full skincare routine, i also combine this with a range of weekly nose strips and face/ sheet masks. 😆


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