Let’s Talk COVID… Collab with Kye Ferreira

Hey everyone!, hope you’re having a great weekend, for this week’s post I have decided collab with Kye who is an aspiring journalist, to talk a little bit about COVID and how it’s affected us. We will also be sharing some tips on how we have managed to stay sane despite it all 🤣.


The first lockdown in thr UK took place Mid march of 2020, so it’s just been over a year, and honestly it’s been crazy. If someone had told 15 year old me I’d be in the midst of a pandemic, that will kill thousands of people, aswell as causing me to not finish off my final year or even take my final exams, I would have thought they were insane. We were off school for almost 6 months (including the summer holidays), and then when we went back everything was different, the atmosphere and how people interacted was just far from the ordinary. For example when essential shops were open, you had to wear a mask to enter aswell as maintaining distance. Resturants, gyms and other non essentials were closed- and honestly the world just felt empty. Everyone was tired of being stuck at home and unable to socialise.

Then schools finally opened once summer ended and things started to feel a little normal again, but then we had a second lockdown and it felt like all the progress we made had been stripped. I personally believe this was due to how the goverment handled the situation. By closing and reopening schools without having safe regulations in place, it only lead to an increase in the number of cases. Meanwhile countries such as Australia have handled the sittuation more effectively which has allowed citizen’s to return to normal life more readily.


It’s no secret that corona has been tough on us all, so here are a few thing’s I did to help dealing with it.

On the bright side without the pandemic this blog wouldn’t have come to life, but that being said corona has taken the biggest toll on my mental health and well being. At first being trapped at home weeks on end without seeing anyone just caused my mood to drop dramtically, then once I got use to the change, going out and socialising again was so difficult. It was like I forgot how to interact with others, and it was as if a big chunk of me as a person had been taken away. I found myself being so self Conscious and worried about what people thought of me all the time, and since I had now gone to sixth form I felt I had to put on a good impression to make new friends.

Here are some tips I used to help me:

  • keep in contact with friends
  • try to go on walks or even errands as long as you’re getting fresh air
  • distract yourself with new things
  • learn a new skill such as baking ( which i enjoyed alot during the first lockdown)
  • acknowledge your mental health and take time to relax
  • Work out ! ( great way to boost your mood)


Coronavirus has impacted millions around the world. While places like the United Kingdom and America have been struggling with reducing the prevalence of COVID cases, nations such as Australia and New Zealand have eased the dangerous impact that it caused. While the UK is still getting thousands of cases each day, as well as the US averaging 67,470 cases per day (NY Times, March 2, 2021), Australia has been able to have multiple of its states hold national record breaking streaks of not having a COVID case. This has allowed Australia to ease policies and allow its citizens to live close to the normal before COVID came around.

Coming from Australia myself, when the peak of COVID arrived in the March-April period of 2020, it was not easy. From limiting the methods of socialisation, staying at home all day, having to do online schooling, this definitely was a lifestyle and routine I had to get used to and adapt to very quickly.

There were things that definitely helped me and others cope with the circumstance that developed quickly.

Some of those things included

  • Creating a schedule
  • Creating a ‘To Do List’
  • Exercising at home
  • Meditation

These three things helped me to do the rest of the things I had to complete on a regular basis in order to succeed at things I wanted to do really well, such as school.

Well that’s all for today’s post! But I hope you enjoyed and perhaps related to our experience in some way 😅 and we definitely recommend you trying out some of these tips if you haven’t already!

Also make sure to follow kye and to check out his amazing site!

His Instagram :@KyeFerreiranetwork

His website :https://kyeferreira.wixsite.com/website

-Sairah and Kye

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