What’s in Viv’s Bag?

Happy Wednesday guys!! I decided to do a fun little post about what’s in my bag. I used to love watching those YouTube videos when I was a kid, so I decided to do it too!! This might be a longer post than I usually do.

I have 2 bags for Sixth Form because the days are varied, so if I need to bring more stuff, I would use my Adidas Backpack, but for shorter days, I would use a Michael Kors bag. The key things in there would still be the same, I would just use the backpack when I have a lot more books to take.

I have a little Tommy Hilfiger pouch to put in the little essentials I would need:

  1. Hand sanitiser- I mean this one is self explanatory, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. I normally do keep this in my pocket because I don’t want to go into my bag to get it if my hands are contaminated.
  2. Tissue and Wipes – we have wipes at school to wipe the area we were sitting at, but sometimes there’s accidents with food or my shoes so wipes are essential for me.
  3. Mirror – I don’t know about you, but I alwaysssss get eyelashes in my eyes so I always need a mirror, plus I wear mascara to school every day so it could be smudged.
  4. Lip balm – I usually take a Vaseline that has a tint, but since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I’ve been using sticks. I take 2 different ones with me, one of them is a Burts Bees lip balm tint, and the other is a Burts Bees lip balm. I loveeeee the tint, but because it tints your lips, the more you put on, the more pigmented it gets, so if I need to use lip balm again when the colour is still there, I use the other one.
  5. Mascara – I used to keep a mini Lancôme mascara I get from gift sets when I buy their products, because as you all should know, I am OBSESSED with Lancôme. Mascara usually smudges during the day so when I clean it up, I need to touch-up on it.
  6. Train Pass – This is also self explanatory because I take the train to school.
  7. Last but not least, HAND CREEAM – this is my holy grail, I can’t leave anywhere without it because I already have really dry hands, so that’s a must, and now with all the handwashing, my hands are even dryer – a nightmare 😦 I use the one from Crabtree & Evelyn, best hand cream ever because I don’t like handcreams that make my hand oily because then I can’t write.

Moving onto the general bag:

  1. Lanyard – This is essential, and I put it in my bag as soon as I take it off because I ALWAYS forget to take it to school.
  2. Books and folders – I bring what I need for the day, normally I just take paper and a folder of the things I need for the lesson and then when I get home, I transfer my notes into the big folder I have for each subject.
  3. Planner – this is a school issued one so I have to take it.
  4. Headphones – I started off taking my wired earphones but they were too much of a hassle so I changed to my Beats headphones, and I have to bring the wire if I have music.
  5. Pencil Case – I will go in depth a little later.
  6. Power bank and wire- my phone alwaysssss dies!!
  7. Keys – I mean, who leaves the house without keys.
  8. Spare mask – We all need one nowadays.
  9. Pads – in case a friend needs one or I start during school.
  10. FOOOOOOD!! I can’t last 2 hours without food!!

So now, onto my pencil case:

  1. Black ink Pens – normally I’d use the Muji pens, but when I take notes at school, they’re not neat, so I didn’t want to waste them so I use really cheap ink pens that look like a Uni-Ball pen to take notes. I don’t like to wrote in biro because ink is a lot smoother and it takes less effort to write in.
  2. Muji Multicoloured pen – since it’s a biro type pen, the ink runs out a lot slower, I love multicoloured pens because it’s a lot more compact and easier to take around – the ink is so smooth!!
  3. Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters – Normal highlighters for me doesn’t do the job because it covers the actual writing for me sometimes, pastel is so much lighter and it looks neater as well.
  4. Muji Balanced Mechanical Pencil – It’s the one that has a heavier coating on the bottom of the pen barrel so your hands don’t get tired from writing. I love mechanical pencils because I hate sharpening pencils, especially when the lead gets on my fingers.
  5. Eraser, Whiteboard Pen,Ruler and SD Card – instead of carrying my entire camera to school and just using the SD card for Photography work, I just carry the SD card in my pencil case.

Now onto the bag I use the most for occasions:

This bag is a Michael Kors bag I got last year, after the first lockdown and I got it because it was so functional. It’s a medium sized bag that can be worn in 5 different ways – which I love. I can fit an average sized book inside it and my iPad mini together.

  1. Wallet – it’s also a Michael Kors (really seeing the trend in bags for me, I just love Michale Kors because they have really good interiors for bags, there are different compartments inside the bag for each thing and it’s just so practical.) This wallet was actually my mum’s and she’s used it for years so she bought a new one and gave the old one to me, it’s still in great condition.
  2. Keys
  3. Lipbalm
  4. Handcream
  5. Hand sanitiser
  6. Phone
  7. Power bank and wire
  8. Pen – you never know when you need a pen.
  9. Spare Mask.

I do have a lot of bags throughout the years, but this one is the one that I use most often and if you guys want, I can give you a tour of my bag collection!! Let me know in the comments 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this post!!

Lots of Love


2 thoughts on “What’s in Viv’s Bag?

  1. wow all your bags are just classy 🤗🤗

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