Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

So great news, I have officially compiled a list of shows on Netflix that must be watched !!! these shows are packed with drama, romance, and even the supernatural.. so let’s jump right into it…

Gilmore Girls

I absolutely loved Gilmore girls, especially because it explored the relationship between a single mom and her teenage daughter who is figuring out her own way in life too. The show is funny and packed with drama which I love. And there’s some teen romance in it too. It’s honestly one of my favourite shows and I’d recommend it to most people.

Shadow Hunters

I don’t even know where to begin with this show there are so many plot twists and surprises, and moments that will leave you in tears, but that’s what makes a good show. I absolutely love series that are based around the supernatural so it’s definitely one of my favourites. Demons, fairies, vampires and even werewolves are in the show!!

Gossip girls

Another classic and a show I never thought I would love, but the second I started I couldn’t stop. It follows a group of high school friends, trying to make their way through life yet having all their mistakes and darkest secrets exposed on a anonymous site called “gossip girl”.

The Vampire diaries/ The orginals

Another great supernatural movie, full of gore and endless drama, this show truly left me in tears, I’ve never felt more emotionally invested in something :). If you want a show full of romance, and magic then this is definitely one for you.

Teen wolf

I am currently in the middle of binge watching this right now and I love it so much !!! The main characters, the action , the comedy, the drama . 10/10 I definitely recommend.


If you like shows about crime and problem solving , or are from the UK – you’ve probably heard of Sherlock Holmes , and if you haven’t then this is definitely a good show to watch, I always find it so interesting watching him solve the cases, as well as the humour along with it 😂


This is a 18 so I don’t recommend to anyone who’s younger 😅 or atleast 16 , because of how graphic it can be , it’s revolves around a psychopath/ serial killer, who is also obsessed and completely in love with a girl, he stalks her and follows her around and the rest is history…..

Anyway hope you all enjoyed this quick list ! I might do movies next 🙂 let me know if you enjoyed this 💕


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