Things you should know before starting secondary/high school

Happy Saturday guys! hope you’re all keeping well and treating yourself during this spring break, in today’s post i want to discuss some things even I wish I had known before starting secondary school/high school. Aswell as some things I wish I had done differently. So get ready because i’ll be talking about drama, toxic friends and even boy trouble…..

First thing first when starting a new school it can be very daunting, the idea of perhaps not making any friends on the first day is a fear most people have so if you’ve experienced this or are about to you’re not alone! but there are some key things you should be perpared for.

  1. Alot of the time the first friend you make won’t be the one you end up being best friends with as the years pass on. this is normal! it doesn’t mean you’re not likeable, it’s just a matter of everyone figuring themsleves out aswell as finding people who they truly vibe with.
  2. CUT TOXIC FRIENDS OFF! this is a big one for me because I use to be so scared of losing people but now i realise that if someone is disrespecting you constantly and truly is just upsetting you all the time, LEAVE! you have your studies to focus on, no need for negative energy.
  3. stay out of petty drama, and never get involved. I understand that if you’re young, especially aroung thek ages of 11-12 there is alot of drama that arises, that usually blows over fast even though it may seem like ages for you. Just remember that if its not going to be relevant in 5 weeks or a month or even a years time, don’t waste your time with it. postive vibes only !!!

Now lets talk boy drama…. most of us have experienced it. When you’re becoming a teen i understand that your hormones can get everywhere, and thus leading you to become a bittt boy crazy, which is fine but here’s some things you may want to hear, and you probably won’t like it ….

  1. Your first boyfriend probably isn’t the person you will be with forever, especially if you get together and at such a young age, this is because you’re still growing and finding yoursleves and commitment is hard thing to grasp when you’re not completely mature yet. So keep focussing on your studies and securing a future for yourself! you got this
  2. Learn to love yourself before you love someone else, because there is nothing worse than relying on someone else to give you the feeling of love and affection. You are a queen, so wear your crown and don’t let anyone tell you different!
  3. Look pretty for yourself and never for a guy’s sake. LOVE YOU FOR YOU. you don’t need to impress anyone else, he should love you for who you are, including when you’re without any makeup, in a messy bun with pjs and food stains on your clothes 😂
  4. Although it may feel like it a broken heart isn’t the end of the world, you will come back better and stronger and trust me when you look back you’ll realise crying over him wasn’t worth it, so keep your chin up high. And don’t ever let a guy interfere with your academic success.
  5. realtionships aren’t worth it at a young age…… sorry ! I know this may not be what you want to hear but trust me there’s plenty of time for that later, and even if everyone around you is in one don’t let that pressure you into one aswell. It’s okay to be single and to love yourself and to be living your best life!!

There is so much more i would love to talk about such as time managment, dealing with stress and workload and much more so if you enjoyed this post comment down below for a part two!!


6 thoughts on “Things you should know before starting secondary/high school

  1. gosh, I wish I had you before I started high school!! ❤ excellent advice! 🙂 especially the staying out of drama! trust me, it's not that important 😛

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    1. aww this is so sweet 🥺🤍 thank you for the comment, and yesss !! Drama is so not worth anyone’s time

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  2. All of these are wonderful pieces of advice 👏👏👏❤❤

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